Services Offered

People Connections offers a selection of Consultancy services in the area of Human Capital. Among its bouquet of services, the company offers the following:

The key to successful existence of any organisation lies in its people. Inherently, this means that organisations must attract, recruit and retain high calibre individuals. To this end, People Connections will employ appropriate talent acquisition strategies to assist clients achieve this.

Our talent acquisition services include the following:

End to End (advertising to placement)

This would involve advertisement of job vacancy, screening and shor tlisting, as well as, facilitation of the preliminary interviews, leading to a inal shor tlist and oral interviews. The process may also include psychometric assessments or assessment centres, should the client require.


This would involve identifying, locating and approaching suitable, qualiied candidates for positions that present a par ticular challenge to recruit for. The process can be done concurrently with adver tising, or without adver tising the positions, followed by interviews and eventually placement. This method is most ideal in specialized positions. We have undertaken a number of headhunting assignments for different clients. People Connections are able to reach beyond the borders of Botswana through utilising professional networks, social networks such as LinkedIn and other career por tals. We are also able to network with other recruitment agencies outside the country.

Database Access

People Connections has a large database of clients that it taps into when required. This is a time and cost eficient source of talent. The candidates will be pre-screened by us. Once registered with us, employers would have access to our online database to conduct searches at their convenience.

Probity Checks

This would involve conducting background checks on prospective employees. The checks include:

  • Criminal Record
  • Qualiication Veriication
  • Credit Check
  • Reference Check

In order to maintain and high employee morale and harmonious employee relations which are key drivers of productivity, the company assists organisations with employee relations strategies, as well as, with setting up systems to Manage Employee Relations within the Organisation. In addition, the Company assists with capacity building of Managers and Supervisors to ensure eficient management of the Employee Relations environment. To this end, the company offers training in Collective Bargaining and Negotiation skills, as well as, Discipline and Grievance Handling.

People Connections will also assist the par ties to prepare themselves for successful negotiations.

Other Employee Relations Services offered include;

  • Drafting and Review of Collective Agreements
  • Advice on Labour Matters
  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings on behalf of Clients
  • Drafting and Review of Conditions of Service/Contracts of Employment
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Employee Outplacement Services

The key to employee being effective in their roles lies in them knowing what the critical tasks involved in carr ying out their job are, as well as, in the possession of the requisite competencies. In this regard, People Connections will assist companies to deine employee’s roles

People Connections will assist employers design and administer employee satisfaction and engagement surveys. Following the surveys People Connections will assist employers with action planning based on the results of the surveys.

At People Connections we recognise that it is the people who make the connections and it is only skilled people who can make those connections. In that regard we offer BQA accredited programmes and these include the following:

  • Supervisory Development
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Discipline and Grievance Handling
  • Collective Bargaining ad Negotiation Skills
  • Customer Care
  • Job Search Skills
  • Team Building

To suppor t the recruitment process, People Connections offers psychometric assessment services. The assessments provide additional information on candidates that cannot necessarily always be gathered during the interview process. The advantages of using People Connections for this service are the following;

  • People Connections have an in-country registered industrial psychologist on the team.
  • Assessments cover the whole range of employees, from entry level to senior management batteries.
  • The assessment batteries are carefully customised after consultation with the client and consideration of the speciic position.
  • Due to the in-country exper tise, assessments can be arranged on short notice.
  • A shor t turn-around for repor ts (maximum of 5 working days) ensures eficiency of the whole recruitment process.
  • In-person feedback on the assessment results is provided to the decision makers.
  • Different batteries can be offered depending on Client needs.